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SEO, short for search engine optimisation refers to the use of various techniques with an aim to improve a website’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERP).

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Since most web users look for information, products or service with the aid of search engines, your website’s ranking in SERP plays a very important role in the number of visitors it receives. And the higher your website is ranked in SERP the more traffic it receives because the majority of web users choose to open only a few websites that appear in the first few pages of search results. SEO companies can help achieve such results.

In addition to directing more web users to your website, SEO also helps improve your website’s/company’s recognition and increase your sales. Obviously, the more people visit your website, the more likely you are to sell your products/service.

The Role of Web Design in Your Online Success

Web design is a process of creating and maintaining a site on the Internet. It plays the key role in the way your website looks which in turn has a major influence on your online success. Why? Because an attractive and easy to navigate website catches its visitors’ attention and makes them more likely to take a few minutes to see what your website offers. Also, they are more likely to return or/and make a purchase if they like what they see. It is very similar to offline experience. Let’s say you want to have a cup coffee and you have the option to choose between a visually pleasing place with seemingly comfortable chairs and an old bar that looks as it has not been cleaned for months. Now, which one would you choose?

Why You Need both High Quality SEO and Web Design

You can have the coolest website on the Internet but it will not get you anywhere if it appears only on the 20th page or so because only a small minority of people actually take time to go all the way to the 20th page or further. On the other hand, you cannot expect to make a fortune just because you are on the 1st place in 1st page of search engine results. Before buying, most people will take a few minutes to check the price for the desired product/service elsewhere. And if the price is the same but the website looks better than yours, they will not come back to purchase from you. If you want to make your website a success, you must convince both the search engines and visitors of your website. And for that reason you need both high quality SEO and web design.